Boiler Repair Glasgow Southside

As well as general plumbing, at boiler repair Glasgow Southside, we also provide outstanding services for when you have a boiler breakdown. We also offer free quotations for anyone seeking a new boiler installation.

Our expert team is on-hand to provide outstanding boiler repairs and replacements, so call us now!

We offer full boiler installation, service and repairs. We also offer to produce a Landlord's gas safety check (certificate) as required by housing rental regulations. And, we repair and replace hot water cylinders.

Our plumbers are fully qualified, gas safe contractors equipped to deal with any problems you might be experiencing with a broken boiler.

Which Is Best Repair Or Replacement?

We are well-experienced in boiler repair in Glasgow Southside and will never suggest a boiler replacement when, a repair will fix the problem.

Nevertheless, there does always come a point in the life of any boiler when it becomes obsolete and no parts can be found. When that occurs we will recommend a replacement, and can design the new system and price it for you.

Another circumstance when we recommend a new boiler can be when we diagnose multiple and costly repairs to a current model boiler which is nevertheless out of warranty.

Grants and Offers to Aid Boiler Repair Glasgow South Side Keeping Costs Down

If there is any possibility of government assistance with grants available, we will pledge that we will inform you.

Plus, from time to time new gas heating and boiler installation can be offered at a reduced price.

Keep a look out in the press for our reduced price offers from time to time available. Seasonal special offers may be available during quiet periods in the plumbing year such as summer time/ early autumn, for new high efficiency combi-boiler systems from major boiler suppliers.

Government Legislation “Boiler Plus”

The Government legislation “Boiler Plus” means that it is mandatory to have a heating system with an efficiency of 92% for all new boiler installations in the UK. Efficiency improvements may be possible by using better temperature control. Vaillant control, among others, can do this. an upgraded control system may be the perfect addition for your Vaillant product to reach that efficiency.

The Importance of Annual Boiler System Check Ups

We offer annual boiler system checks. These are designed to make sure that everything in your home is running properly. You do need to make sure your plumbing system is checked regularly to avoid not only boiler breakdowns, but also having to wait in winter without heating for plumber and parts availability.

What “Being Professional” Means To Us At Plumber Glasgow Southside (PGSS Glasgow)

For boiler boiler repair Glasgow Southside look no further than Plumber Glasgow Southside (PGSS Glasgow), for all your plumbing maintenance needs. Finding a decent boiler repair service for all types of boiler repairs in Glasgow can be a real minefield. Put simply, there are a lot of cowboys out there who charge high fees for an unreliable or shoddy service.

Our mission is to deliver nothing but the highest standards of customer service. And, do it right from the moment you pick up the phone to us to the completion of your plumbing or central heating work.

Always Gas-Safe Compliant – Boiler Repair Glasgow South Side

We are a Gas Safe Registered business so you can trust in the fact that all of our gas engineers are fully qualified to carry out any gas work. This work can be such as gas boiler repairs, gas boiler installations, gas boiler servicing, gas appliance installations, gas fire fitting etc.

To put is simply, if you need anything gas done in the South of Glasgow, we can help. Call us to arrange a free quote – with no commitment to buy!

Unsure Whether You Need Boiler Repair or Not?

Here's a tip if you are unsure about your hunch that it is you boiler which needs attention, or something else.

If none of your radiators are working and you are certain that:

  • the central heating controller is set to manual, and
  • the thermostat is lit-up/ clearly active and calling for heat,
  • the likelihood is that the problem lies with your boiler.

If you have not toured your house/ the property fully yet to check, we suggest that you do that first before calling us.

If when you have touched every radiator for warmth and they are all cool or cold, you should have no hesitation in calling your plumber for all of Glasgow's southern suburbs.

Once at your home or business location, we will also check whether there are any issues with your radiators after completing your boiler repair.

A Team Honed By Experience

Our box with our logo on it - PGSS GLASGOW Plumber Glasgow SouthSide
At PGSS you get what it says on the box!


Our team is composed of highly trained plumbing specialists who are capable of taking on everything from a leaking radiator to a full-scale commercial boiler repair complete with underfloor heating.

Electric Underfloor Systems

Electric underfloor systems don't require a gas connection. They may be a bit more costly that gas-heated water systems, but they are much cheaper than oil or LPG heated homes.

Since our business began, we've provided our services to a wide range of institutions and private homeowners, all requiring a high level of individual care and attention, which has allowed us to further hone our skills.

Benefits of New Boiler Installations

New boilers can save you money as they are cost effective. Boiler technology has improved markedly in recent years. They are also available in the widest ranges of different sizes, brands and compatibility.

Our boiler installation plumber in Glasgow South Side can help you choose the best option for you depending on the size of your premises, rooms, radiators and bathrooms. The cost of boiler replacement is depending on the complexity of the job and we are happy to provide a free quotation.

Flushing Central Heating Systems

We can also help you with the one-off flushing of central heating systems in the event of boiler and/ or pipe deterioration and sludge build-up.

Paperwork Provided As Standard! Not All Boiler Installers Do This Without Being Reminded…

We provide commercial boiler installation carried out to manufacturers requirements ad to best industry practise. We carry out the registration of your commercial boiler warranty on completion.

Gas safety certification is always issued on completion, as a matter of routine, along with building regulations compliance certificate. Extended warranties are also provided according to customer requirements. Ask if you would like further information on these forms of boiler breakdown insurance.

Insulation on Pipes

We offer gas boiler installation for both domestic and commercial customers. Our professional boiler repair glasgow southside can offer a whole host of energy saving help and advice should you so wish. For example, they can advise on insulation on pipes, which can save a lot of heat if not already lagged properly.

We also offer to fit thermostatic radiator valves in all of your rooms for precise temperature control. Better temperature control means less wasted heat. This simple, and often overlooked expedient can bring real savings when fitted for the first time, while also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Verdict for Boiler Installation Plumbers Southside

Working on boilers, underfloor heating systems, and un-vented cylinders, our boiler repair Glasgow southside tradesmen install innumerable central heating systems a year. Designing bespoke heating systems, we provide our clients with exactly what they need.

When installing new heating systems or undertaking kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, you want a plumbing service that understands the technical capacity and function.

But, in many cases also the aesthetic quality of the design can be a make or break factor to the success of a project. We have you covered on that account as well.

Contact us today for expert and friendly advice on your plumbing repair and refurbishment needs and see what we can offer you.


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