Top 6 Plumbing Trends of 2021

Top 6 Plumbing Trends of 2021 – Hot New Smart and Touchless Products

Here we will give you our top 6 plumbing trends of 2021 and we hope you find them useful.

Technology took over the world this past century, but it grew rapidly in 2020 as the COVID-19 limited our mobility. The Coronavirus nudged every industry to start adopting technology at a much faster pace. Today, if you do not jump on this tech trend, you will be left behind and, unfortunately, suffer losses. The same is true for plumbing.

Today, people have smart homes and want smart solutions, even when it comes to their bathrooms. But you will be amazed how many smart gadgets have been introduced in this industry as well that can tell you when your bathroom pipes are leaking.

So let us list down for you what your customers are interested in; They are interested in using green and environmentally friendly products, they want to reduce water usage, they are very interested in water recycling, and last but not least, they are interested in touchless plumbing fixtures.

The industry has already revolutionized, and we have all these products available to work with. To make it easy for you, we have listed down 6 Plumbing trends of this year.

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Top 6 Plumbing Trends of 2021

1. Use Smart Fixtures

Millennials and Gen Z homeowners are going for all sorts of smart technology for their houses. So, it is about time you upgrade your plumbing business as well. Today, the plumbers have a lot of options for choosing from smart fixtures.

If you search the Amazon website for smart fixtures for your washroom, you will find lots of products, like smart toilets, smart bidet showers, smart showers that are Bluetooth operated, etc. As a plumber, you need to take care of one thing to look at the gas certificate of the property before you do any work.

If the property doesn't have any gas safety certificate, you can apply for that yourself with a professional company. Gas safety certificate cost is not that much, although a lot of it depends on how huge your property is and how many appliances are using gas as their primary source of power.

2. Smart Water Heaters

Smart Water Heaters is a dream. Just imagine operating the heating system with one tap from your phone 5 or 10 minutes before your shower. Today, did you know we also have tankless water heaters? Yes, it is true. So when the time comes for an upgrade, chose a water heater replacement that is tankless.

These smart tankless water heaters can give you on-demand hot water, save water, and helps in recycling too. So, technically smart water heaters are one solution to the three goals of millennials. Wait for it; it also reduces the energy that goes into heating your water, so viola! A big score for your customers here as well.

3. Smart Pipes

Smart pipes are a bit hard to imagine, but just like other smart bathroom fixtures, today, we have smart pipes available in the market as well. There is an entire smart pipe system, with the help of which you can monitor and control the water pressure, diagnose any leakages in the pipes, which is amazing because it solves your leakage problem.

Smart pipes are efficient and quite useful if you want quick and easy fixtures for your bathroom. It helps you save a lot of money in the end as well.

So, Upgrade your plumbing business into using smart pipes, easier for you to locate where the problem is and fix it immediately before it becomes a bigger problem.

4. Minimum Water Consumption

Today, we see a lot of campaigns emphasizing the importance of saving water. Millennials and GenZ, especially, are all about water saving and using efficient means to do that. This is why smart bathroom fixtures that ensure minimum water consumption are highly in demand.

The smart technology that ensures minimum water consumption includes showerheads, toilets, and even faucets that limit water usage. So while the goal is to save water, this also, in the long term, saves the homeowners a lot of money.

5. Touchless and Smart Phones Operated Technology

We all love the use of smartphones and controlling things with just the tip of our fingers. Company's such as Nest and Phillips have already given us smart products like controlling temperature with phones and dimming the lights with phone apps.

Similarly, today we have a showerhead whose water pressure can be controlled through the phone, or we can even flush the toilet with the use of our phone provided you are using a smart toilet.

6. Digital Marketing Matters

Digital marketing matters the most today than ever before. Why? Because of these Corona Virus lockdowns and SOP announcements by our government. In the wake of this, we can only use digital marketing services to have an online store, market our products and services, and, most importantly, build clientele.

Digital marketing should also encompass an easy payment system for your customers, like, for example, handy offers its customers the easy option of online payments. Similarly, titan does too. Therefore it is time for you to game up and keep up with the industry trends also.

Top 6 Plumbing Trends of 2021 – Conclusion

I know, Bathroom is the last thing that is in the mind of people to upgrade it with smart technology. But let me tell you, with today's generation, the bathroom matters just as much as the rest of the house does.

In this article, we listed down the top 6 trends in the plumbing industry that you need to start working on if you are not already. While these are the major trends, but just like this world is constantly evolving, so is technology. So you must stay updated with ongoing trends of this generation's mindsets and your product's industry trends.

Let me give you a few extra tips, have a mobile application made for your company by a professional and list down your products and services.

Today, the trend is going from websites to mobile applications. Think of it like you have a mobile store. So invest in a good application developer, because today, how your present your company is the first thing that turns leads into customers.

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